Valentines Day – Coronavirus Prevention Tips

It is reported, that America’s shoppers spend around 2$ billion on Valentine Day only on flowers, most of the roses, being shipped from Latin America, especially Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru. To ship all this amount of flowers in time for Valentine Day, additional cargo planes are being scheduled, contributing greatly to the carbon footprint. Once the flowers arrive to the USA, they are fashioned in bouquets and shipped all over the country in refrigerated delivery trucks. As roses need to be kept cool every step of the way, the trucks are naturally burning more fuel to provide power to refrigerator, and as a result causing more greenhouse emissions.

What’s the solution?

Choosing an alternative, sustainable gifts, that will show care and attention to a partner’s taste even better than a bouquet of flowers can. Made with Respect prepared a curated selection of ethical items that care for loved ones, as well as the Planet.

How to keep yourself safe from Coronavirus

Tridoshic Balancing Body Oil

$32.00 USD

PAAVANI selects all their ingredients from premium sources, holding high standards for sustainable & ethical practices, they have an immense respect for the plants & minerals. PAAVANI choose non-leaching glass packaging to contain their ingredients, maintaining the integrity of the plants & minerals; further supporting their products to remain pure & clean. Comprised of an even combination of the Five Elements, Tridoshic body oil is balanced & healthy. Use this botanical blend to nurture, moisturize & maintain the integrity of the skin.

Organic Bath Therapy

$14.00 USD

Aypa supports sustainability, ethical practise & fair trade. Aypa skincare uses unique superfood ingredients ecologically harvested in Peru and made in Spain.

This therapeutic and relaxing bath salt with Andean Salts immerses in a state of total wellness. The pure crystals of this salt are free of toxins and supply the body with all the healthy minerals that heal and detoxify. It also stimulates and balances our vital energy. Ideal to treat muscle pain, inflammation, dermatitis, and especially to absorb the electromagnetic energy that we get from the electronic gadgets of today. Infused with fine herbs of Andean Lemon that provide a refreshing citrus scent for an immediate physical and emotional recovery.


Seamasque Exfoliating Mask

$95.00 USD

Hannes Dottir uses 100% natural, cruelty free, supremely effective skincare powered by the Volcanic Fjords of Iceland. Hannes Dóttir non-toxic skincare gives a perfectly balanced, glowing, youthful skin. Formulas exfoliate, detoxify, tighten, lift and infuse skin with micronutrients vital to cellular regeneration.

This revolutionary formula feeds skin transdermal vitamins, minerals and amino acids while it hydrates, brightens, clarifies and firms. With each application the complexion becomes more balanced, youthful and glowing! This Regenerating and Exfoliating Face Mask is 100% Natural, Cruelty Free, Preservative Free, Paraben Free, Small Batch, Handcrafted, with Zero Synthetics.



$120.00 USD

Issara is a sustainable lifestyle brand, Issara designs quality leather goods whilst operating a socially conscious busness.  Issara works closely with artisans in India and Indonesia to produce beautiful, long-lasting leather accessories that directly benefit the communities making them.

This clutch is impeccably handcrafted from soft milled leather and luxurious cotton twill lining to last a lifetime. Features 5 card slots, a separate pouch for your kindle and a wristlet.


Mangrove Citrus Beard Oil

$25.90 USD

The Groomed Man Co. is a men’s grooming brand using organic where possible, they do not contain any chemicals or toxins using premium ingredients. The Groomed Man Co. is passionate about perfecting formulas that deliver results, spending over a year on the development of each product until it’s right.

This beard oil contains a mix of high quality pure to botanical oils such as organic Argan and Jojoba, work together to nourish the skin and beard, promoting an improvement in overall beard health. Citric oils work hard with patchouli to turn that dry-looking beard around.


Hair & Body Shower Gel

$25.90 USD

66°30 is a comprehensive French men’s skincare brand, exclusively 100% natural and organic. 66°30 is also a member of Cosmébio® organisation and certified by Ecocert; promoting organic farming, local production, and biodiversity whilst also supporting fair trade.  66°30 use minimalist packaging, they print using vegetable-based inks on 100% recycled paper from sustainably harvested forests.

Created from the latest green technologies, this natural plant-based hair & body shower gel is allergen-free and PH balanced for the scalp and skin. It brings balance, shine, and softness while gently regulating the daily production of natural sebum.


Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion

$44.00 USD

Hunter Lab uses a new approach to supernatural skincare for the modern man. Hunter Lab craft the very best of nature specific to the needs of men’s thicker skin to deliver products of the highest efficacy. Free of harmful toxins, all-natural.

A multi-purpose moisturiser that intensely hydrates and nourishes the skin, giving all-day hydration, smooth, supple and rejuvenated skin.


C3 Head Wash

$19.00 USD

C3 (Comprehensive Cranium Care®) is committed to producing a product line free of harsh and toxic chemicals, endocrine disruptors, and things that would harm the environment. Every ingredient in a Comprehensive Cranium Care® product is beneficial and has a purpose for being there—not for marketing, and not to counteract the adverse effects of other ingredients.

C3 Head Wash is designed for gentle daily cleansing of your entire dome – head, face, neck, and beard (if you have one), so your skin will feel healthy, hydrated, and replenished. In fact, many ‘haired’ folks love to use it as a face wash!